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Writing Update- April 2013

I’ve been busyI’ve completed the final draft of a new unpublished novel, Staccato House; I’ve written about 60% of another new novel and I’ve completed the final draft of a new novella. I’ve also completed a new collection of short stories, entitled Echoes and Exiles. A few of the stories intended for this have already been published online and in magazines; others are in the progression-stage of making it to publication- that purgatory waiting-room of literary judgement. Once all works have been submitted and found a suitable home, I’ll make the rest of the material publicly available as I think its deserving to be read- so I’m guessing that Echoes and Exiles will (hopefully) be ready to buy/read on various formats by the end of 2013.
A few more interesting links.

My SF short story “Virtuatronics” was a runner-up in Five Stop Story’s November 2012 competition. You can read it here:

My primer on ‘Steampunk Literature’ was published by Litro Magazine in November 2012 and you can read it here:

The full version of my psychological short story “This Machine” was published in the November 2012 edition of Suspense Magazine:

An abbreviated version of the same story was published online at Urban Story, check out their website here:

My Black Comedy/Psychological short story “The Ballad of Leonard and Mary” was published in the October edition of Suspense Magazine:

You can also read my Fantasy Adventure novella The Pirate Princess for free online at Authonomy:


Retrieved from the Vaults

I don’t have all of the books that I own with me at my home in London. I managed to retrieve most of my ancient book and comics collection from the vaults in Lincolnshire. For now my books are shelved without rhyme or reason, but I re-discovered my favourite tomes and reading material from my younger days. Here is the ‘library’:



There are some rather odd juxtapositions of particular volumes there if you look closely (Stephen King not far from Shakespeare and Dickens), but for now a sensible bibliography will have to wait. Still, I think I can just about get away with placing Tolkien and Lovecraft close together, with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein lurking nearby- I’m just not sure about Virginia Woolf and Charles Darwin!:


In the late 1980s and early 1990s I was a voracious reader of comics and graphic novels- particularly 2000AD. It was interesting to rediscover some old favourites, with Judge Dredd featuring prominently:

Comics Graphic Novels

Comics Graphic Novels2

The Aspiring Author on WordPress

I’ve been maintaining a BlogSpot blog since 2009, but thought I would also start publishing articles on WordPress. As I wrote at the beginning of my ‘other’ blog in October 2009:

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. The blank canvas can be intimidating or it can be viewed as the beginning of a fresh opportunity. My blog starts here: I intend to post news regarding my fiction and anything else I feel is of interest when I have the opportunity!