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Publication News: The Spyglass in Sanitarium Magazine Issue #023

My horror-fantasy short story “The Spy Glass” has been published in Sanitarium Magazine Issue #023:

The Spy Glass

The central idea of this story is a device that allows the viewer to peer not only through distances but through time and space itself. There is the added implication that such a gift comes with a curse. What else would you expect of such an artefact, found “in the ruins of the ancient city they discovered in the hills south of here, way beyond the deepest jungles and the great river”?

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Publication News: Moonlight Bay in Hellfire Crossroads Vol.3

More publication news- my sinister supernatural short story “Moonlight Bay” has been published in Volume 3 of Hellfire Crossroads, edited by Trevor Denyer.

Hellfire Crossraods3

A little bit of chronology: I first wrote an earlier version of this story in 2001/2002, and then I re-wrote it in 2008 (after a holiday in Cornwall, altering it to a Cornish setting). I still wasn’t completely happy with the story, until I finally completed a definitive version in 2012. It is this version that now appears in Hellfire Crossroads, and will be appearing in my forthcoming new short story collection, Echoes and Exiles.

It’s about a small coastal town in Cornwall with a dark secret. It took three rewrites to capture the mood and atmosphere that I intended to create- I wasn’t interested in Godzilla-style monsters or creature-horror, or anything gory with this tale. I wanted to depict a dark sense of unease. Imagine a situation something akin to a holidaymaker bathing on an idyllic beach, enjoying the summer sun and beautiful scenery… before they suddenly spot a shark fin gliding through the water, metres away from them. It’s that idea of imminent danger lurking beneath a deceptively tranquil surface. The horror that exists in this story is much weirder, but that’s the feeling I was looking for, combined with a sense of place and history.

Moonlight Bay is published in Vol.3 of Hellfire Crossroads– details are here: and you can buy the entire volume to read at Amazon here: